About Remote Scheduler

Version 3.3.3
Remote Scheduler V3.0.0

Remote Scheduler is an innovative task scheduling application (Windows Only) which manage application execution on one or more machines where scheduled tasks can be easily modify and configured on all machines with just few clicks.

Instant Sync
Script update take immediate effects on all client machines. You can update tasks on all machines and even reboot them at the same time with just few clicks. Isn't that cool?

GUI Designed for Different Needs
Forms View
Setup task by filling up the questionair style form. Easy to use for most users.

Property Grid View (Geek Style)
Suitable for advance user who pursuing for full control on every single aspect.

Works with Local Area Network, Cloud Drives (Dropbox, Google Drives and more)
Scheduler scripts can be stored in local network server or cloud drives. Scripts can be easily updated once you connect to your cloud drive anywhere around the world.

Trigger: Time / Event
Trigger tasks based on scheduled time with multiple recurrence options: minutes, month, week, and days. Besides, event based which trigger on folder changed, folder size, USB stick connected and process started / terminated let you take advantage to trigger right task at right timings.

Unlimited Client Machines
No restriction on number of machines. You can easily schedule a task to run in all machines in your network which have Remote Scheduler installed

Machine Filtering and Grouping
Assign dedicated task to machines based on machine name.

No Direct Access to Client Machine
No worry about port forwarding and remote access to client machine since there is no need to access to client machine to modify scheduled task.

Password Protected
Password protected client to prevent Remote Scheduler being shut down by unauthorized user.

Script Encryption with Master Key
Need higher security? Script encryption keep your script file safe. Only client with the authorized master key will be able to read your encrypted file.

Command Line Support
Launch Remote Scheduler from Windows BAT File / Windows Shortcut / Command Line. 

 System Requirement

  • Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • Language: English
Remote Scheduler is 100% clean download