Managing different computers in a busy environment can prove challenging. What about a method to handle tasks from one central computer? Since I am always in such situations where I need to execute certain tasks on other computers, I have looking for a program that would help me do so remotely. During my search, I came across Remote Scheduler PREMIUM, which eased my work even more. Here is my experience while using the program.

At a Glance
Given the program’s negligible size, the download and installation process took less than a minute. On launch, Remote Scheduler PREMIUM presented a very simple interface that was more of functional than aesthetic. The main options are at the top bar but I was quick to check out the User Manual under the Help option.

Easy to Use
After I was done with the User Manual, using Remote Scheduler PREMIUM was pretty easy. While using the program, most of my time was spent on creating and scheduling tasks. This option allowed me to select the target machine, the working directory as well as the user name and password. To execute the tasks on other machines, the domain name field came in handy.

Easy on Computer Resources
For a program that takes advantage of the execution level of the operating system, one would expect its heavy dependence on the processing power or memory usage. However, that was not the case with Remote Scheduler PREMIUM. As I was creating and scheduling my tasks, the program was smooth as Adobe After Effects was still running in the background.

Customizable Scheduling Procedure
Even after I had already set my tasks, the program allows for later modifications. Updating existing tasks was only a few clicks away. At the same time, I was also able to update the time when my tasks were to be executed. In so doing, Remote Scheduler PREMIUM made it straightforward for me to use it especially with the need to synchronize the tasks across different machines.

Steep Learning Curve
For anyone who does not really understand the concept behind scripting, using Remote Scheduler PREMIUM may prove challenging at the start. However, the available manual will try to ease things up a little bit. As such, it is clear that despite boosting of a simple interface, one would take time to find a way through the options and how to use them.

You would find a good companion in Remote Scheduler PREMIUM if you do manage different machines. The program will allow you to schedule and execute tasks remotely in few steps. Further, the program works smoothly hence you will not experience lags along the way. You can try it out to experience its worth.


MELVIN SYNC (SharewareOnSale)

If you’ve ever found yourself responsible for multiple computers, you will know how hard it is to run from one machine to another to perform mundane tasks. Remote Scheduler seeks to make the job easier by letting you create one common schedules file, save it to a common folder and let the apps on different computers access this file and do the necessary tasks at the right time without having you lift a finger.
This sounds like magic on paper. The question is: how does it perform in real life. To test it, I installed it on three computers and the common access folder used to share the configuration file was Dropbox. The fact that it works like a charm is itself a plus. Here is what I think of Remote Scheduler.

Easy configuration
Controlling multiple PCs made me think of cumbersome network configurations and the like. This was never the case. Configuring my PCs to all access a shared folder in Dropbox, setting all the other computers on client mode and creating the scrip from the master was all that I needed to do. Setting Remote Scheduler to client mode requests you to navigate to the schedule file and load it. This means that you can control computers over the internet or a local network as long as you are saving that file in any sort of shared folder.

Easy But Powerful Schedule Scripting
The GUI script creation wizard takes away or the complexities of Windows scripting meaning that you don’t really have to be a pro to create your scripts. You will have to choose the different parameters you want and state when the script should launch. At a specific time, or when a certain trigger kicks. You however have to be conversant with file and app .exe paths to do something sensible with Remote Scheduler.

Practical Filtering
The whole idea of executing commands to multiple machines gets even better with the freedom to dictate which machine will handle what set of commands. This means that Remote Scheduler won’t change the computers under your control into one mindless zombie but into multiple powerful bots that are part of a bigger scheme.
The client mode is all you need to read instruction and the scheduler app can be password protected to prevent unauthorized users in on the target machine from overriding it.

No cross-OS compatibility
Cross OS compatibility would be a great thing. Think of it this way. A good number of system admins (I included) create an impregnable wall by using a Linux or Unix distro. Better still, you could have computers under your control that run different OS. It would have been great if Remote Scheduler could translate the created script to cater for different OS machines at a go.

Remote Scheduler works like a charm. It will give you absolute automation over remote PC. And by remote, I mean really remote since it’s operation isn’t limited to an intranet. Couple this with the easy configuration and you get the ultimate remote control that will make your management work a whole lot simpler.


Catalin Cheraliu (Softpedia) July 26th, 2016

Manage multiple computers, schedule tasks and initiate actions on remote machines, with this powerful and easy-to-use application
Remote Scheduler Lite is a relatively simple application that can help users who need to manage several computers or initiate various actions from a remote location. It enables you to execute scheduled tasks on multiple machines even if you cannot access them directly.
The program is not too difficult to use, and there is no need to configure any network settings, as all the client computers simply load a script file saved to a shared location.

Intuitive application that enables you to set up scheduled tasks
The utility allows you to create tasks that are executed at a certain time, or on a specified interval. You only need to define the target application, the working directory and task parameters, although some other advanced settings can be customized as well.
For instance, you can set up a machine filter to prevent certain computers from executing the task, run the process as a different user, capture the execution output and hide the console window when the task is launched.

Execute tasks on multiple client machines from a remote location
Once you have configured one or more tasks, you can export them to a script file and save it to a shared location. The file can then be loaded by client machines that are running Remote Scheduler and executed from the host computer.
When run in Client Mode, most of the application’s functions are disabled, and you also have the option of protecting the scheduler with a password, thus preventing unauthorized users from shutting it down.

Features a minimalistic interface and offers adequate documentation
The program’s UI is not at all cluttered, and the menus are arranged in an intuitive manner. You can also customize the layout by resizing the various panels. The user manual is not very extensive, but it does a good job of explaining the purpose of all the available functions.
In conclusion, Remote Scheduler Lite is a useful application that enables you to create scheduled tasks and execute them on multiple remote machines. It can be configured without too much effort, and it does not rely on prior specialized knowledge.